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12.23.2021 - 20% of Americans couldn’t pay their energy bill in the last year

12.21.2021 - Low-income New Yorkers want higher wages and affordable housing

09.28.2021 - Uncertain Future For NYC's Program To Bring Dangerous Basement Apartments Up To Code

08.18.2021 - NYC Tenants Can Still Avoid Eviction By Applying For State’s Rental Aid Program

06.17.2021 - Millions fear eviction as housing crisis worsens

06.01.2021 - New Yorkers Can Start To Apply For Emergency Rental Assistance

05.07.2021 - HCR Announces Lottery For Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Waitlist In New York City

04.30.2021 - New York Eviction Moratorium Expected to be Extended to Aug. 31

04.28.2021 - Governor Cuomo Announces $98 Million to Fund over 1,000 Affordable Homes Across New York

04.23.2021 - An Emerging Threat to Nonprofit Affordable Housing

03.19.2021 - Eviction 4 Times More Likely In NYC's COVID Hotspots

02.02.2021 - Cuomo Announces $328 Million for Home Heating Aid to Assist New Yorkers


12.10.2020 - Donovan Richards officially sworn in as Queens Borough President

12.10.2020 - It’s Time to Do Away With NYC’s Tax Lien Sale

12.08.2020 - Low-Income, Black, Hispanic, and Native American Households Face High Energy Burdens

12.06.2020 - Cuomo Promises More Tenants Will Have Access To $60 Million In Rent Relief

11.02.2020 - Applications for the Home Energy Assistance Program Open Today

10.21.2020 - Tension rises as public housing gets private management

10.06.2020 - A Broader Outreach Strategy Would Help 400,000 Needlessly Delinquent Mortgage Borrowers

09.09.2020 - NYC Tax Lien Sale Scuttled In Clashing Cuomo, De Blasio Orders

09.04.2020 - What the New Federal Eviction Moratorium Means

08.14.2020 - NYC Launches Online Portal with Free Eviction Help

08.10.2020 - One-Third of American Renters Expected to Miss Their August Payment

07.20.2020 - Affordable Developers Worry About Building More Housing Amid Budget Cuts

07.16.2020 - In wake of coronavirus, a looming epidemic of evictions

07.15.2020 - A Lot of Americans Are About to Lose Their Homes

06.29.2020 - When NIMBYs win, everybody loses

06.26.2020 - Will COVID-19 Worsen the Housing Crisis?

05.27.2020 - Affordable housing developers say de Blasio cuts could doom projects

05.26.2020 - Nassau County set to reopen economy, as Queens remains on lockdown

05.08.2020 - Stimulus check issues for more than 8 million Americans without a bank account

05.04.2020 - We need emergency rental assistance to address COVID-19 fallout

05.01.2020 - De Blasio's signature housing plan poised to take big hit from coronavirus

04.28.2020 - Amid Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Governor Cuomo Outlines Phased Plan to Re-open New York

04.24.2020 - Nonprofits on front lines call for protections for their workers, too

03.29.2020 - Nonprofits ask for clearer guidance from state government

03.24.2020 - Ensuring Access to Energy More Important Than Ever

03.09.2020 - New Queens Project to Include 12,000 Affordable Apartments

02.27.2020 - HEAP Offers a Second Emergency Benefit for Households Facing Loss of Heat

02.11.2020 - Losing the narrative: Mayor’s signature issue slipping away

01.30.2020 - Housing vouchers increase test scores, city study shows

01.28.2020 - Inside New York City’s new ‘blueprint for sustainable development’

01.23.2020 - It’s not just jail, bail or getting released


12.18.2019 - Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation to Better Address Zombie Properties

12.05.2019 - Is the Starter Home Dead in Queens?

11.25.2019 - New York City will take steps to combat the problem of ‘zombie homes’

11.25.2019 - Governor Cuomo and National Grid Announce Agreement to Lift Moratorium Immediately

11.22.2019 - Special Report: The Vanishing Bronx Homeowner

11.21.2019 - Far Rockaway development plan continues to advance

11.19.2019 - NYC effort to cover nonprofits’ indirect expenses underway

11.04.2019 - What New York City Misses by Not Doing Hearing Tests on Students

11.04.2019 - Home prices continue to fall across the city

10.29.2019 - One in 10 New York City students lacked stable housing last school year

10.28.2019 - Climate Control is a Year-Round Issue at NYCHA, Especially for Seniors

10.24.2019 - Seven years ago, Sandy was here

09.11.2019 - The status of the World Trade Center complex, 18 years later

09.09.2019 - State Says Agreement Reached on $450 Million in Funds to NYCHA

09.06.2019 - How NYC landlords may be skirting the new rent laws

09.05.2019 - Governor Cuomo Announces $59 Million to Help Cut Energy Costs and Improve Affordability

08.29.2019 - The Battle for the Future of Community Reinvestment Regulations Comes to Queens

08.19.2019 - Can small, vacant lots alleviate NYC’s housing crisis?

07.30.2019 - America’s Housing Affordability Crisis Spreads to the Heartland

07.26.2019 - Will the New York City Council cap real estate broker rental fees?

07.19.2019 - Are Community Land Trusts ‘the future of New York City’?

06.17.2019 - The Rockaways continue to prosper with $300 million revitalization project

06.15.2019 - Americans Need More Neighbors

06.11.2019 - When a Renter with Disabilities is Denied Housing

06.11.2019 - A revamped Ocean Bay campus transitions away from the traditional NYCHA setup

05.15.2019 - Brooklynites fleeing high rents settle in the beachy Rockaways

05.15.2019 - Today is Nonprofit Tax Day: Burdensome Federal Tax on Nonprofits Must Be Repealed

05.07.2019 - 6 Years After Hurricane Sandy, Here’s What They Came Up With: Really Big Sandbags

04.01.2019 - Vote for how city funding should be spent in your neighborhood

03.20.2019 - Home Stability Support Program would create a new rent subsidy to keep people in their homes

03.19.2018 - The lawyers who took on Big Tobacco are aiming at Realtors and their 6% fee

03.18.2019 - NYC moves to turn basement apartments into legal, safe, affordable housing

03.15.2019 - City Council Votes to Strengthen Lead Testing and Reporting Requirements

03.13.2019 - Average U.S. mortgage size hits record-high $354,500

02.26.2019 - Queens lawmakers announce legislation to end MCIs

02.22.2019 - Millennials have officially entered the housing market

01.29.2019 - De Blasio administration is still paying late for services

01.15.2019 - For New Yorkers looking for an affordable home, the odds of winning a housing lottery are good

01.07.2019 - HPC Works With Stakeholders To Improve New York State Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

01.07.2019 - Falling Mortgage Rates Raise Hopes for Battered Housing Market


12.03.2018 - Why shrinking U.S. homes may be a boost to homebuyers

11.28.2018 - Homeownership for older Millennials quickly becoming a thing

11.07.2018 - Mortgage applications fall to 4-year low

10.30.2018 - Global Investors, and Not Families, Are Buying Affordable Homes

10.23.2018 - New home sales drop 5.5% in September to near two-year low

10.12.2018 - Mortgage Rates Fast Approaching 5%, a Fresh Blow to Housing Market

09.14.2018 - Addressing the Eviction Epidemic - Analysis of 2017 Data

08.28.2018 - These NYC neighborhoods saw the fastest rent growth since 2010

08.27.2018 - New report shows how bad New York City has been at contracts

08.03.2018 - Queens posts highest rent increase in US

07.30.2018 - Why We Need to Stop Evictions Before They Happen

07.30.2018 - 28 Years After ADA’s Passage, Subway Accessibility Still ‘Disgraceful,’ Experts Say

07.20.2018 - Many of NYC’s neighborhoods lack a single accessible subway station

07.19.2018 - Rockaway to be the first of four pilot areas in New York City to roll out dockless bike share

07.18.2018 - New York City Looks to Crack Down on Airbnb Amid Housing Crisis

07.16.2018 - The projects transforming Queens: The borough is a hotbed of redevelopment and rebuilding

07.13.2018 - Far Rock Renaissance: New affordable housing projects key to downtown revamp

07.06.2018 - After Sandy, buildings flood city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods

07.05.2018 - One Woman's Quest to Fight Gentrification by Asking Residents How

07.05.2018 - Did local planning committee opt out of a free home elevation certification program?

07.02.2018 - New York City Disability Pride Parade

06.29.2018 - Black and Latino Borrowers Locked Out of Homeownership in New York City

06.26.2018 - NYS: Leadership in Advancing Clean Energy Solutions for Low-Income Residents and Communities

06.25.2018 - Bushwick, Brooklyn zooms up priciest NYC neighborhood list

06.20.2018 - NYC’s new housing lottery guidelines aim to protect vulnerable New Yorkers

06.19.2018 - 100,000 New Jobs for New York: Will Enough Go to Poorer Workers?

06.06.2018 - 100% Affordable Beach Green Dunes II Breaks Ground In The Rockaways

05.21.2018 - House flipping in NYC: How It Deprives New Yorkers of Affordable Homes

05.17.2018 - It’s time to stop tax lien sales from snaring New York City's nonprofits

03.14.2018 - New Yorkers who qualify for SCRIE can have their rent frozen!

03.08.2018 - New Economy Project Report: Mortgage Denials Higher in NYC’s Neighborhoods of Color

03.08.2018 - A snow storm is no excuse for a cold apartment! Report lack of heat or hot water...


02.28.2018 - NYC debuts affordable home ownership program with 56-unit Bronx co-op

01.16.2018 - De Blasio: NYC Financed Record Number Of Affordable Apartments Last Year



12.19.2017 - Thousands of New York homes hurt by ‘nightmare neighbors’

12.18.2017 - Diagnosing NYC’s Vacant Storefront Problem

12.05.2017 - New Council bill hopes to bring transparency to the housing lottery

11.28.2017 - US Home Prices Surge At Fastest Pace Since July 2014

11.21.2017 - New developments and rezoning show signs of promise for the Rockaways

11.02.2017 - Most NYers make less than what's needed to rent in NYC: report

11.01.2017 - NYCHA’s private lifeline

10.24.2017 - More People Think Renting Is a Better Deal Than Buying

10.17.2017 - In Queens, chronic flooding and sea-level rise go hand in hand

10.02.2017 - Open House New York Weekend October 14 and 15, 2017

10.02.2017 - Governor Cuomo Launches Statewide Empire State Relief & Recovery Effort for Puerto Rico

09.28.2017 - Report Warns Retirees about Potential Downsides of Reverse Mortgages

09.26.2017 - NYC Map Shows Neighborhoods Most Impacted by Evictions

09.26.2017 - Home Performance Coalition Announces the Merger of the Home Performance Forum and Home Energy Pros

09.14.2017 - Fr. Francis Shannon Elected as Chair to Margert Board

Helping others, especially the poor and the four-legged, a joy for pastor

09.19.2017 - Mayor's Affordable Housing Not Helping People Who Need it Most

09.14.2017 - De Blasio Vows to Cut Emissions in New York’s Larger Buildings

09.06.2017 - Far Rockaway Rezoning Comes Into Focus

08.24.2017 - Income Inequality Is Making Rent Even Less Affordable

08.15.2017 - New York City Guarantees a Lawyer to Every Resident Facing Eviction

07.20.2017 - City Using Community Land Trusts to Create Affordable Housing

07.20.2017 - There are more renters than any time since 1965

07.18.2017 - Affordable Housing Construction and Preservation at Record Pace

06.13.2017 - Fannie Mae will ease financial standards for mortgage applicants

06.07.2017 - CFPB data point: Becoming credit visible


04.18.2017 - Why It Would Be a Mistake to Cut This HUD Program

04.11.2017 - City council introduces anti-harassment bills to protect tenants

04.10.2017 - Community Developers Say City’s Housing Plan Leaves Them Behind

03.31.2017 - New York State Boosts Funds for Foreclosure Prevention

03.30.2017 - Queens Board Approves Rockaway Rezoning With Significant Conditions

03.30.2017 - How the mayor can save nonprofits hired by the city

03.29.2017 - Human service non-profits: Don’t forget about us in budget

02.27.2017 - Poor Families to Get More Help With Rent From New York State

02.24.2017 - City tries again to develop Jamaica

02.23.2017 - Laurelton: The Queens Community Gentrification Forgot

02.21.2017 - Nonprofits still "taking a loss" despite budget’s pay hike

01.24.2017 - Proposed property tax break legislation expands eligibility citywide

01.04.2017 - Nonprofit Corporation Law Amendments Ease Governance Requirements on NY Nonprofits


12.29.2016 - NY Housing Authority Bringing Private Investors Into Far Rockaways Project

12.06.2016 - Nation's Largest Public Housing Complex Gets New Roofs

12.02.2016 - NYC Nonprofits Re-frame Funding Requests

11.29.2016 - CM Richards sponsors foster care survey legislation

11.18.2016 - Minorities experience ‘vast inequality’ in NYC housing market

11.17.2016 - US Housing Starts Surge to 9-Year High in October


10.25.2016 - Suit Against City Affordable Housing Policy Survives

10.24.2016 - Average Home Prices Hit Record Highs in Brooklyn, Queens and Bronx

10.18.2016 - NYC Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) Program Opens November 14, 2016

09.30.2016 - Plans For Edgemere Press On

09.26.2016 - For Tenants Facing Eviction, New York May Guarantee a Lawyer

09.23.2016 - Margert to Present Special Seminar for Seniors

09.21.2016 - City blames lack of affordable housing for record number of homeless New Yorkers

09.09.2016 - Government shortchanges nonprofits, quashing innovation

08.22.2016 - $91M Far Rockaway project would turn empty storefronts into a ‘mixed-use neighborhood’

08.17.2016 - City Council Rejects the First Project under Mayor de Blasio’s Housing Plan

08.10.2016 - City plans to convert Holiday Inn in Queens into new homeless shelter

07.27.2016 - Fannie Eases Requirements for HomeReady Program

07.26.2016 - De Blasio Administration Says It Is Ahead of Schedule on Affordable Housing

07.18.2016 - 10-acre Park on Governors Island Set to open Tuesday

07.15.2016 - The Robin Hood Foundation on a better way to track poverty

07.14.2016 - The Lowline Just Got a Thumbs-up From City Hall

07.11.2016 - Queens sees the most home foreclosures of any borough

07.01.2016 - How a House Can Shape a Child’s Future

06.20.2016 - Nonprofit heads say city failed to address cost 'crisis'

06.20.2016 - Connecting the dots on nonprofit underfunding

06.17.2016 - Ferry Finally Revealed

06.10.2016 - City Pushes To Have Rent Frozen for Seniors

06.07.2016 - Developers add affordable units, retail to supportive-housing projects


05.26.2016 - Pay-What-It-Takes Philanthropy

05.23.2016 - Failure to Fund Overhead Penalizes Nonprofits, Study Finds

05.13.2016 - Astoria Only Queens Neighborhood To Make 'Gentrifying' List

05.12.2016 - NYCHA Report to Outline Sandy Recovery Efforts

05.03.2016 - No, New Yorkers Are Not Spending 65% of Their Salaries on Rent

04.25.2016 - City Releases More Details of Brooklyn-Queens Streetcar Plan

04.22.2016 - Governor Cuomo Announces $57 Million to Help Low-Income Households Reduce Utility Costs

04.22.2016 - Mayor de Blasio and City Council Announce Plans for Update to City’s Air Pollution Control Code

04.22.2016 - Making New York Public Housing Sustainable

The NextGeneration NYCHA Sustainability Agenda

04.21.2016 - Rent Will Devour Two-Thirds of Your Income This Year

04.19.2016 - East New York Deal Sets Precedent for Wave of Rezonings

04.18.2016 - Big Plans to Remake a Rockaway Community

04.12.2016 - Nonprofits Still Facing Challenges in City Contracting Process

04.11.2016 - New Bill Seeks to Map Disappearing Subsidized Housing In NYC

04.08.2016 - Resilient Edgemere Community Planning Initiative

04.05.2016 - City Council Re-examines Nonprofit Procurement Policies

04.01.2016 - Key Piece of City's New Housing Deal Will Protect Tenants from Harassment

03.29.2016 - Homeownership Increasingly Difficult For Average Americans

03.21.2016 - US existing home sales tumble in warning sign for housing market

03.11.2016 - Governor Cuomo Announces $17 Million for Affordable Homes and Homeownership

03.11.2016 - Private Funders Should Fund Full Project Costs too

03.10.2016 - Queens Community Designs Its Own Post-Hurricane Sandy Future

03.01.2016 - Overcrowding Worsens in New York

02.24.2016 - Human Services Council Report Warns of Crisis for NY Nonprofit World

02.17.2016 - What Does "Affordable Housing" Really Mean In De Blasio's New York?

02.10.2016 - Mayor Pushes Plan to Trade Parking Spots for Senior Housing

02.09.2016 - A look at the most diverse neighborhoods in NYC: MAP

02.08.2016 - NYC's Controversial New Affordable Housing Proposals, Explained

02.03.2016 - NYC Planning Commission Sends Zoning Proposals to City Council

02.03.2016 - NYC to Launch Parking Meter Smartphone App

01.14.2016 - City to Seize Beachfront Property in Coney Island

01.13.2016 - Cuomo Unveils $20 Billion Housing Plan

01.07.2016 - Forest Hills Gardens Priciest Nabe in Queens


12.22.2015 - Clarifying Amendments to the Nonprofit Revitalization Act Signed Into Law

12.17.2015 - City Homeless Services to Improve Contracting Processes

12.15.2015 - Is Queens the New Brooklyn?

12.10.2015 - Council Member Donovan Richards on Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and Zoning for Quality and Affordability

11.07.2015 - Real Estate Shell Companies Scheme to Defraud Owners Out of Their Homes

11.05.2015 - Share of First-Time Homebuyers at 28-Year Low

10.15.2015 - Repossessions spike 66% as foreclosure crisis lingers

10.13.2015 - Housing Program Sees Huge Spike in Construction

10.05.2015 - Rise in Overcrowded NYC Apartments

08.27.2015 - Report: State energy plan could freeze out many low-income utility customers

06.22.2015 - New Commissiomer Named to NYS Homes and Community Renewal (HCR)

06.19.2015 - In Breezy Point and Beyond, Homes are Being Reborn

06.06.2015 - Gov. Cuomo Reaffirms Commitment to Safe, Affordable Housing for All New Yorkers

06.06.2015 - City Council Approves Tax Breaks for fully Affordable Edgemere Housing Development

06.04.2015 - Governor Cuomo Announces $11 Million for Over 1,000 Affordable Housing Units

Margert awards can be found here: OCR Local Program Awards

05.29.2015 - DiNapoli: State Needs to Ensure Timely Execution of Contracts with Not-For-Profits (view full report)

05.29.2015 - Is rent out of reach? As more Americans become tenants, study shows how 11 big cities stack up

05.19.2015 - Public Housing Residents Wary of Mayor de Blasio’s Plan

05.08.2015 - This week, the NYU Furman Center released its State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods in 2014 report.

New York Is Getting Less, Not More Cramped (Real estate news and analysis from The Wall Street Journal)
It's Not You: NYC Rents Rising Faster than Income (Economic Development Reporter, WNYC News)